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Can Your Pillow Affect Your Skin Health?

Pillow skin

If you’re struggling to keep your skin in prime condition, it may not be your routine that’s to blame. In fact, depending on specific circumstances, it could be your pillow causing problems!

The relationship between pillows and skin health has been highly documented by researchers and sleep scientists. Choosing the right one can help you lock in moisture and collagen while choosing the wrong one could dramatically impact your appearance.

This guide explores the overlooked yet extremely important connection between pillows and skin health. First, we explore science-backed evidence showcasing the impact of pillow materials on skin. Then, we highlight best practices and tips for improving your skin health with skin-friendly pillows.

The impact of pillow materials on the skin

You may not think to blame your pillow for tired-looking skin and a bumpy complexion, but according to board-certified dermatologists, that may actually be the root of the problem.

Pillowcases absorb billions of bacteria and dirt particles, as well as dead skin cells and oils from your face. This leads to allergens, irritants and even moisture buildup as the material presses against your face for the majority of the night.

Keep in mind some pillow materials trap particles more than others. Fabrics like flannel and Polyester accumulate high volumes of particulate matter, leading to irritation for sensitive skin and blemishes on the chin, cheeks, and forehead.

Here are three ways a good pillow can help to combat these unwanted effects.

  1. Preventing irritation and allergies

As discussed, certain pillow materials like cotton and polyester may cause irritation and allergies if you have sensitive skin. That’s why hypoallergenic pillows may be a better fit for individuals with sensitive complexions.

The team at Dentons has spent many years creating hypoallergenic pillows to lessen overnight skin reactions. We’ve created several lines using specialised materials to accommodate sleepers with any preference, including:

  • Memory Foam
  • Softec™️
  • Natural Latex
  • Memorelle™️ Fibre
  1. Moisture management and breathability

Moisture is an unavoidable aspect of sleep, which means poor management and breathability can lead to a host of issues. Inadequate ventilation in pillows can lead to sweat accumulation and potential breakouts, which prevents the body from resting comfortably and rejuvenating itself overnight.

You need to look for a pillow with moisture-wicking properties and optimal breathability for enhanced skin comfort. At Dentons, we’re proud to carry a plethora of moisture-resistant pillows, as well as health-treated pillow covers for your peace of mind.

  1. Supporting proper spinal alignment

Spinal alignment and skin health seem like two separate concepts at first glance. However, the truth is that an unaligned spine could have some extraordinary impacts on health, quality and skin.

Pillows that don’t provide adequate support can put excess pressure on your joints and decrease blood circulation. Ergonomic pillows, on the other hand, cradle pressure points and support good sleep posture that ultimately encourages adequate blood flow to flush waste away from your skin.

Some of Dentons’ most popular ergonomic pillows include:

How to choose the right pillow to improve your skin health

Your skin is the largest organ in the human body, so opting for a less effective pillow material could cause a variety of problems. It’s imperative to select more skin-friendly materials in pillows to ensure healthier skin and a better complexion.

Let’s look at some ways to choose a better pillow material for your specific skin type.

Start with anti-microbial and easy-to-clean pillows

Regardless of your specific skin type, whether it be oily, dry, or combination, you should ensure your pillow is resistant to both pathogens and moisture buildup. 

Anti-microbial and easy-to-clean pillows can help you prevent the accumulation of bacteria and allergens while also supporting an easy laundering process to protect your sensitive skin.

Dentons offers a wide range of pillows with anti-microbial properties and easy-care features so you can rest easy in a hygienic sleep environment. All of our products come with:

  • Velour fabric covers you can easily put in the wash
  • Health fresh treatments to control moulds, mildews and bacteria
  • A five-year replacement guarantee for your peace of mind

Pick the right pillow material for your skin type

No two people have exactly the same skin, which is why it’s so important to select a pillow material that’s right for your needs. You need to consider both preferences and skin type while choosing the right pillow, and pay special attention to:

  • Fillings: Are you a memory foam fan or a Talalay latex lover?
  • Thickness: How high do you want your head to be at night?
  • Support levels: Do you prefer fluffier or firmer support? 

You also need to consider the right material as well. Some of the best pillows for skin use fabrics like:

  • Satin
  • Bamboo
  • Modal 

Are silk pillows good for your skin? Some research suggests yes. However, keep in mind that every skin type is different, which means your results may vary.

Dentons’ wide variety of pillows is tailored to different preferences and skin types. You can browse our products by material, range, or sleep style to narrow down a shortlist for your needs.

Establish a healthy sleep routine

Once you’ve selected the right pillow for your skin, you need to put it to good use with a regular sleep schedule. Regularly pursuing seven to nine hours of sleep per night is a great way to boost your skin health while breaking in your newest pillow.

How much does healthy sleep complement a skin-friendly pillow? Probably more than you think. In addition to reducing wrinkles and soothing puffy eyes, quality sleep can help the body repair after excessive UV exposure and other tissue damage. 

It’s a good idea to follow the best sleep hygiene practices to maintain skin health over time. If you’re not sure where to begin, you can check out Olivia Arezzolo’s bedtime routine for some inspiration. Some of her suggested tips include:

  • Disconnecting from tech
  • Taking a shower
  • Light-blocking masks

The professionals at Dentons are committed to promoting overall sleep wellness with our unique range of pillows. You’re welcome to shop the form or material best suited for your needs, then narrow down your search depending on your sleep style. 

Get your beauty sleep with Dentons

The importance of choosing the right pillow for skin health cannot be underestimated. Not only can the right skin-friendly pillow lead to improved skin health and better sleep quality, but it can help you look, feel, and perform your best no matter what the day ahead holds.

If you’re ready to transform your nightly routine and save your skin with a brand-new pillow, we invite you to explore Dentons’ range of skin-friendly pillows. We offer a wide variety of products for sleepers of all ages, skin types, and preferences, providing four unique materials and hundreds of pillows designed to meet your needs.

It’s time to get the best sleep of your life — and the best complexion as well. Browse our online catalogue or visit a stockist today to experience the Dentons difference in your sleep, skin, and lifestyle.

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