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Natural Latex Range

Dentons’ natural latex pillows are some of the highest quality latex pillows you will ever find in Australia. Our natural... Read more

Dentons’ natural latex pillows are some of the highest quality latex pillows you will ever find in Australia. Our natural latex range is imported from the USA and provides unique low-allergenic benefits not seen in other materials. From its breathable structure to its ultra-responsive framework, there’s something for everyone to love in these sustainable, organic pillows. Explore our entire catalogue of the best natural latex pillows today to enjoy a restful slumber. What you need to know about Dentons’ natural latex pillows Natural latex is a unique type of polymer developed from rubber tree sap. Because of its unique cell structure and organic componentry, it’s an excellent sleeping accessory for those with severe allergies. Natural latex has a naturally responsive character, making it supremely comfortable and pressure-relieving. It is also one of the world’s most breathable foams, providing optimal ventilation and moisture regulation throughout the night. Since the unique cell structure helps keep dust and dirt out of the pillow’s interior, you won’t need to worry about the buildup of grime. Dentons’ natural latex pillows are some of the most luxurious on the market. You can browse our full range of options and material lists today. Discover our fastest-selling and best-rated natural latex pillows The best natural latex pillows are soft, fluffy, and mouldable to your frame — which is exactly what the Dentons line of pillows does best. We constantly update our products and accessories, and our engineers are always tinkering with possibilities and ideas. Regularly check your local Australian stockist to get the scoop on new products released. How to tell if you need a natural Talalay latex pillow Nearly everyone can benefit from the barrier-breaking comfort of a natural Talalay latex pillow. However, you may be a perfect candidate if: You’ve had allergic reactions to pillows in the past. You want more pillow durability without a firmer feel. You want natural and sustainable pillows for your family. Refer to our pillow buyers guide for more details. Why choose Dentons for the best natural latex pillows in Australia If you choose to sleep on one of Dentons natural latex pillows, you will not be disappointed. Our pillows are some of the highest-quality sleep accessories on the market and come with a five-year replacement guarantee. Get ready for your best night’s sleep with a new natural latex pillow from Dentons. Questions or comments? Fill in the online contact form and we will be happy to assist! Read less

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