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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are your pillows all Australian Made?
All of our pillows are made here in Wantirna, Victoria, Australia with the exception of the Fibre Filled pillows, that is the Children’s Classic, High Loft, Medium Loft and Low Loft Pillows which are imported by Dentons from China and the Latex pillows which are imported by Dentons from the USA.
Can my pillow be washed?
We do not recommend washing our pillows unless absolutely necessary as they have a tendency to tear if the water isn’t drained out of them enough. If you have a mark on your pillow we recommend just giving it a spot clean by wiping with a damp cloth and airing in a well ventilated place away from direct sunlight. The removable cover is machine washable.
I hear your pillows are Health-Fresh Treated?
Our polyurethane pillows are Health Treated to protect against, mildew and mould, bacteria and other allergens which can thrive in the warm moist conditions of our beds.
If my pillow is hurting my neck, why would this be?
Sometimes it may take time to get used to a new pillow, the muscles around your neck need to get used to it. We recommend starting the night with your new pillow. If you find you are uncomfortable or experiencing some pain, swap back to your old pillow. In most cases you will find after a week or so that you will be sleeping through the night on your new pillow.
Can I return my pillow if it is not right for me?
Due to health regulations, pillows are non-exchangeable/refundable so if the customer has simply made the wrong choice as to which pillow to buy, this will not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
If my pillow has an odour, why would this be?
This can sometimes be the case with a new pillow, if so, wash the outer cover and place the pillow on an airier in a well-ventilated spot away from direct sunlight, (sunlight will discolour the foam). It may take a couple of days, but the smell will dissipate.
How can I choose the correct pillow?
Our website is very informative. It has descriptions of each of our pillows so you can ensure you are choosing the right one for your needs. If more information is needed, please contact our customer service team to assist in choosing the perfect pillow for you. Alternatively, if you are able to, you can visit one of our stockists and try our pillows in store.
I am not sure if I have successfully completed my order?
When you have successfully completed your order, you will receive a confirmation email or SMS. If you do not receive an email or SMS, please contact our customer service team at
Can I track my order?
Yes you can track your order. With your order confirmation you will receive a tracking number with which you can track the progress of your shipment.

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