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The sleep routine with a 100% success rate

Australia’s favourite sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo has updated her signature bedtime routine, and that means better sleep for all.


You can never underestimate how important a great night’s sleep is to your wellbeing. That’s why we’re sharing Sydney-based sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo’s updated bedtime routine to help our blog readers discover their best sleep.



Written by Olivia Arezzolo


You may have heard about my signature bedtime routine - and for good reason.


Not only is it the number one strategy I recommend for those looking to sleep better, 100% of my private clients - yes, each and every one - have used it and seen improvements in their sleep in less than seven days.


For those with bedtime anxiety, or who find it hard to switch off in the evening, this is a game changer - so here is the new and improved version for you.


A few notes before we begin: while it has similarities to the OG signature bedtime routine, I’ve used greater specificity here - so you have even better results.


Next, it’s not about doing one or two of the steps - you need to do all of them, consistently, over the course of a few days, to see significant change. That said, best results come after a few weeks, or even a month; once your brain has come to associate each step with sleep.


With that in mind, I challenge you to practice this for at least three days in the coming week - I have no doubt you’ll be sleeping easier.


  1. Block out blue light for two to three hours before bed

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Light is your number one zeitgeber - factor to control the circadian rhythm. This means if there is one thing you can do to sleep better, it’s to control light. To do this, I recommend blue light blocking glasses that block 100% of the harmful light rays which can otherwise keep you up.


Regarding timing, this depends on your chronotype: Lions should block out blue light for two hours before bed; Bears for two and a half hours, and Wolves for three hours prior.


  1. Take lavender capsules


A 2010 study published in academic journal Phytomedicine noted that lavender oil capsules could improve sleep quality by 45 per cent and reduce anxiety by 59 per cent - ideal for those who can’t switch off in the evening.


  1. Have a goodnight phone alarm

 well rested man scrolling through phone


One hour before bed - for all chronotypes - have an alarm that reminds you to disconnect from tech. To make it even more helpful, label this alarm ‘sleep better’.


  1. Take a shower


By emerging from a steamy shower to a cooler bathroom; your core body temperature drops and sleepiness hormone melatonin is produced - as noted by a 2019 study lead by The University of Texas at Austin. Ideally, this is one hour before bed too.


  1. Take a magnesium-based sleep supplement


A 2017 paper by The University of Leeds highlighted magnesium could reduce anxiety by 31% - which can otherwise contribute to bedtime resistance. Here, I recommend an oral supplement featuring magnesium glycinate, di- or bi- glycinate, or chelate - these are the most helpful forms for sleep.


  1. Meditate or read


Meditation can be extremely beneficial for sleep. A 2000 study by La Trobe University, Bundoora found that experienced meditators have higher levels of melatonin immediately after the practice, compared to nights they do not practice.


However, if you’re not experienced, I recommend reading; a 2009 study by the University of Sussex found this can reduce stress by 68 per cent, with the effects starting in just six minutes. My book recommendation has to be my own - Bear, Lion, or Wolf, (naturally!).


  1. Wear an eye mask


Remember - blocking out light is one of the best ways to improve your sleep, and that includes through the evening. I recommend a 100 per cent light blocking mask.




Olivia Arezzolo is a Sydney-based sleep expert, who holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology); Certificate of Sleep Psychology, Diploma of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine); Certificate of Fitness III + IV.

Her new book 'Bear, Lion or Wolf' is available in print or on Audible. You can find her on Instagram or at her website.



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