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It's what's inside that counts

With a range of premium materials, shapes and sizes, Dentons' Australian made pillows help ensure a restorative night’s sleep, every time. 


No person is the same, so it makes perfect sense that our sleep habits and preferences are individual as well. When it comes to creating pillows, We have developed a huge range using quality, long-lasting materials. From offering generous neck and back support to low-allergenic benefits, each and every pillow is designed for the ultimate in comfort, with materials that will stand the test of time. 

LUXURY - Material: Memory Foam
The Luxury range features our premium pillows made from luxurious and comfortable Memory Foam. The structure of the foam features a very slow recovery to original shape as demonstrated by creating a hand impression in the pillow that remains for some time after it has been removed.

THERAPEUTIC - Material: Dentons Softec™
Our Softec™ range is made using a patented foam filling. While soft to the touch, it delivers therapeutic support to maintain correct head and neck alignment. The foam’s high degree of open cell formulation creates outstanding breathability resulting in a cooler and better night’s sleep.

LOW ALLERGY - Material: Natural Latex
Our Natural Latex pillows are made using the most luxurious natural latex on the market. A great choice for allergy sufferers, the unique cell structure has a naturally responsive character that makes it supremely comfortable and pressure relieving, while helping to keep dust and dirt out of the pillow’s interior.

COMFORT - Material: Memorelle Fibre
Our Comfort range offers their softest and cuddliest pillows. Made from Memorelle Fibre, this foam alternative is gentler on pressure points and can be folded and adjusted to your preferred sleeping position due to its fluid form. It’s also odourless and machine washable.

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