The world's finest Talalay latex pillow

From the worlds most modern latex foam manufacturing facility comes the finest Talalay latex pillow ever offered in Australia.

Made from natural latex, with the latest proprietary manufacturing technology, producing the most resilient latex pillow foam. Superior open cell structure and density, are unique features of this latex. All this plus finer pincoring, guarantees comfort and support in every sleep position.

Our Talalay process creates thousands of tiny air channels providing natural breathability. This optimum air circulation keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This latex is inherently anti-microbial, dust mite and mildew resistant. Bacteria simply cannot live in latex foam making it the perfect choice for pulmonary allergy sufferers.

During pregnancy it is recommended that women sleep on their side. In the latter stages, the weight of the baby actually twists the spine and exerts more than normal pressure in surrounding muscles. The result is back pain and severe discomfort. Sleeping or resting with the Pregnancy Pillow taking the weight of the baby, is not only more comfortable and relaxing, but it also allows the back muscles to relax, thus reducing back pain. When lying on the side, the pillow is placed under the tummy where the specially contoured shape will gently support the baby and take the strain off the back.

Studies published comparing the Dentons Pregnancy Pillow's effects on back ache and insomnia in late pregnancy have found that the back ache at night scored with the Dentons pillow was "very significantly lower than with the standard pillow".

Extract from summary:
"Lower scores for back ache were recorded by women in the week they used the Dentons pillow compared with the week they used the standard pillow. Sleeping was deemed better by the patient with the Dentons pillow. Significantly more felt the Dentons pillow was superior to a standard pillow for backache and sleeping." Australian/New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 1989 29:133.

Stainproof Aquatex Cover

Water proof and dust mite proof pillow cover
- Machine washable and tumble dry
Ideal for asthma sufferers
- Zip fastened

- As used in Australian hospitals
Fits all standard pillows

The Posturelle Back Support cushion is specifically designed to snugly support the lower back during extended periods of sitting to ease fatigue and pain caused through incorrect posture.

The unique, fully moulded, two plane shape offers both lateral and vertical support for total comfort.

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from back ailments, you'll discover amazing new comfort and relief with this cushion

"For treatment and prevention of lower back pain and for the correction of bad sitting posture. Ideal for in the car, office or home. Use whenever sitting for long periods."