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The best pillow to buy, based on the type of sleeper you are.

Get a good night's sleep with this pillow-buying guide.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and roll your shoulders back; are you feeling more aches and pains than you used to?

Sure, it might be time for a massage or to check in with a physio, but you'd be surprised how much relief using the right pillow at night can bring.

Selecting a comfortable pillow in-store should be an easy task, but research conducted by premium pillow brand Dentons shows many people become confused when faced with a wall of similarly squishy items. All too often, we walk away with the cheapest item, only to regret it later.

To help you find the pillow equivalent of your soul mate, we've put together a handy buying guide.


Memory foam is perhaps one of the most talked about pillow materials on the market right now.

It's a comfortable type of foam that, when pressed, is slow to bounce back to its original shape. Its ability to provide exceptional support while being luxuriously comfortable is what makes it best for sleepers who want to support their posture, but who want a slightly softer pillow.

Look for foams with an open-cell structure, for added breathability and support.


Surgery, injury, and chronic pain can sometimes mean that standard pillows just don't cut it.

Leading pillow specialists Dentons has engineered their own brand of foam — Softec foam — that offers extra support for therapeutic needs.

It's soft and comfortable, yet durable and firm, and its ability to provide superior support to the head, neck and shoulders is what makes it best for sleepers who can often suffer aches and pains resulting from poor spinal alignment.

Softec pillows have been designed in conjunction with Chiropractors and Physiotherapis, and in addition to traditional shapes, there are many contoured pillows to suit specific therapeutic needs.

Dentons Medi Rest pillow, $129.95


The ideal temperature range for a good night's sleep is 15 to 22 degrees Celsius but during the hot Aussie summer, where temperatures regularly soar to the high 30s, 'flipping your pillow to the cool side' will be an all-too-familiar practice.

With the advent of modern-day pillow designs, there's no reason to let heat disrupt your sleep!

Invest in a pillow made from a cooling material, such as Latex by Dentons. Thanks to an open-cell structure, this natural latex pillow is highly breathable and cool to the touch - even at the height of summer.


So we've all heard of side sleepers, back sleepers and front sleepers, but why does no one ever mention the people who frequently change sleeping positions? That's where hybrid pillows come in.

Hybrid pillows allow you to experience the best of both worlds, with some offering a combination of two firmness levels in the one pillow! Other hybrid designs offer multiple neck support heights on different sides of the pillow.


Memorelle fibre acts similarly to memory foam but is far more malleable due to its fibrous nature; it can be folded and moulded into the perfect shape to relieve pain points and then returns to shape afterwards — zero lumpiness.

It is also an ideal material to be used in pillows for children, as it flattens to accommodate their head shape but still provides good support.

So what makes the ideal pillow? Well, you! Everything from your sleeping habits to your preferred sleeping position and even your individual body shape can have an impact on the type of pillow you'll find comfortable.

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