The original Silent Knight™ pillow, winner of medals at the prestigious Geneva Salon of Inventions. Awarded for helping 70 % of people who snore due to restricted breathing, caused by bad posture during sleep (particularly when on their back). With the wedge of the pillow under the shoulders and the raised roll under the neck, the snorer is helped by ensuring the air passage in the throat remains open, due to correct head, neck and posture alignment. (This is not a miracle cure for everyone, as no pillow will help the minority "genetic" snorer who should seek medical advice).


Provides perfect posture for the relief of neck pain sufferers when sleeping on their back. This unique pillow was designed by a leading French spine specialist. The cervical extension provides necessary support to the sensitive upper vertebrae. It is shaped to ensure firm but comfortable positioning of the head and neck, discouraging movement that can aggravate neck pain. This pillow has been a sensation in Europe where over half a million are now in use. It is not recommended for side sleepers.


With optional neck support heights of the front and back edge rolls, and a high 11cms head height, this shape is designed specially for adult side sleepers. The shoulder recess encourages you to stay on your side, whilst the waved surface provides a better airflow for cooler sleeping. With your head in the contour and your neck positioned on the raised edge roll, you receive the best therapeutic support and the ideal posture for correct spinal alignment. Is now the neck pillow recommended by Physiotherapists and Chiropractors.