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Dentons Pregnancy Pillow - written by Jessi & Millie

My favourite uses for my Dentons Pregnancy Pillow 

I will preface this blog by saying that although technically a “pregnancy” pillow, this pillow is really an all rounder. The compact size takes nothing away from the amount of support the Softec™️ foam gives you. I am already prematurely dreaming about taking it on my next long haul flight or camping trip. Thinking about how useful it will be to prop the baby up while I breastfeed, but also about how I have become so attached to it that I won’t be able to sleep without it, long after the baby arrives. 

This might seem over the top, but just ask my wife who had to beg me to get another Pregnancy pillow, one for the bedroom and one for the office. Trust me, I needed one because I don’t just use this pillow to sleep, I use it at my desk, when I watch TV, when I eat, and when I waste 3 hours on tik tok when I should be cleaning. 

So this leads me nicely into my top favourite uses for my pillow.

Supporting my bump 

I got this pillow when I was about 9 weeks pregnant, when my regular jeans still fit and my bump was non-existent. A pregnancy pillow is like a rite of passage for first time mums, when so much focus is on what to buy for the baby, it's nice to treat yourself to something too. As my bump has grown, so too is my need to feel supported while I sleep. Excuse the analogy, but the wedge shape acts exactly like a door stop, keeping me and baby firmly in place all night for a comfortable sleep. 

My pregnancy pillow offered me instant relief for my aching hips at night by placing the wedge between my thighs. The added bonus being that this almost forced me into a ‘recovery’ style position where it made it hard for me to roll onto my back. This has given me so much relief later in my pregnancy when all the medical advice is not to sleep on your back due to the small, yet increased risk of stillbirth. 


Soothing my hips 

The first body change I noticed early in the first trimester was the hip pain. Have you ever noticed that pregnant people have a very distinct ‘waddle’? This is due to a variety of reasons including hormones that your body produces to relax joints as well as the pressure from the growing baby. In fact hip pain, after headaches, is one of the most commonly reported pregnancy symptoms affecting 32% of birthing people. My pregnancy pillow offered me instant relief for my aching hips at night by placing the wedge between my thighs.


Whilst at my desk

I use the word ‘desk’ lightly, currently as many of us are, I am in a permanent state of working from home due to current lockdown laws. Thinking about buying a desk and a decent chair but also hoping to make do without them…. 3 months later. One thing for sure is being quite heavily pregnant and working at a dining table is not ideal. In fact, sitting for any length of time even in a comfiest chair can be hard work. I always make sure I use my pillow to support my lower back and to decrease pain and it really does make a difference to both my posture and my overall pain levels. 

Thanks Dentons - Jessi & Millie x 

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